Rich Tradition,
Cutting Edge Innovation
Multi-Algo and Masternode Pioneer

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Multi-Algorithm Security,
Solid Masternode Foundation


Scalability, Security, Utility
Fast & Seamless Transactions


Evolving Roadmap with Focus on
End-user Experience

About Digitalcoin - Our History, Vision & Mission:

  • Digitalcoin (DGC) is designed to be a simple and reliable currency that facilitates efficient peer-to-peer transactions while providing a cryptographically secured, long-term store of value
  • Digitalcoin is a transparent, open-source network, officially founded on May 20th, 2013 by a well-established team led by the developer Baritus
  • Digitalcoin utilizes Proof-of-Work (PoW) methodology for block generation, with block times approximately one-fourth the duration of Litecoin’s PoW block time
  • There was no premine and only 48 million Digitalcoins will ever be created
  • Originally based on the Scrypt mining algorithm, Digitalcoin was subsequently upgraded to a three-algorithm, very secure PoW platform (X11, SHA256, and Scrypt)
  • Masternodes serve to ensure smooth running of the DGC network by providing stability, transaction efficiency, and network governance
  • Since 2018, Digitalcoin is a member of the EWMCI Crypto Ecosystem – A global cryptocurrency platform that focuses on development, infrastructure, and use cases for participating core projects (more info at )
  • Digitalcoin is also included in EWMCI Bronze , EWX-16 , and Stock-to-Flow indices